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Peace of Mind.

Easy to Use.

All-in-One Solution.

Every year thousands of people put their lives at risk by taking the wrong medication, the incorrect medication, or medication that may have expired. Now, there's a solution: The RxMonitor – a revolutionary, FDA-approved medication delivery, monitoring, and notification device developed by doctors that can dramatically reduce the threat of pill confusion and pill adherence.

The RxMonitor combines for the first time THREE monitoring and Push-Notification technologies – a compact, easy-to-carry, Pill Dispenser that alerts patients when to take their medication, a Wrist Pendant with a Notification Button to send SMS text messages, and an online notification network the RxWebLink – into a single device that empowers patients, families and doctors to quickly monitor and share medication information, and help patients avoid the risk of taking the wrong medication or incorrect dosage and more effectively monitor their medication intake.

Woman Checking Data on Tablet

HOW IT WORKS: The Rx Pill Dispenser


10 holders of multiple sizes so medications never leave original pharmacy bottles reducing potential for pill confusion or incorrect dosage. Since a patient's pills remain in original pharmacy bottle, they receive medication with original instructions included.

Voice and flashing indicator lights notify patients when it is time to take a specific medication, and alerts them if they select an incorrect medication bottle. When the correct medication bottle is selected, the LED lights green; an incorrect bottle selection will illuminate red.

Compact, lightweight, durable, portable. Equipped with back-up battery. Delivers instructions in English and Spanish.

HOW IT WORKS: The Rx Wrist Pendant


Visual (LED lighting) and audio (low-level vibration) notifications remind users when it is time to take a medication.

Help Required Notification Button allows patients in distress to send  SMS Text message to family or medical professionals who can coordinate necessary response.

HOW IT WORKS: The Rx Weblink Network

Woman Checking Data on Tablet

Medication and patient data monitored and stored online via RxMonitor's Weblink network. Weblink maintains a list of  patient’s medications, prescribed dosages and frequency for each, and tracks each patient’s adherence rates.

Weblink's M2M cellular network allows patients or doctors to securely transfer medication information. Automatically contacts family members, pharmacists, or healthcare staff if a medication is not taken within 90 minutes of its prescribed time.

How it works


Medication and patient data  monitored and stored online and accessible in real time


10 holders of multiple shapes, sizes so medications never leave original pharmacy bottles


Created by award-winning clinicians, researchers, scientists, and medical equipment experts


Compact, lightweight, durable Pill Dispenser equipped with back-up battery


Voice & visual notifications to take medication and alerts if incorrect medication selected


Visual (LED lighting) and audio (low-level vibration) notifications remind users to take medication

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